My clients share their experiences with you.

Knowledge Gives You Power

I offer courses that are mainly focused on you. Themes are based on health, wellness. mindset and exercises and tools to improve the quality of your life.

Transformational Life Coaching

The transformational Life Coaching programs I offer are created individually for you. You are a unique person and I can support you to transform , just not change. Become your own champion by being your authentic self through a 5 step journey.

Hi, I’m Beth Badour

I went though a life changing event by being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and learned to change my perspective of me and this world by changing my mindset, behaviors and beliefs.

Now my courses and coaching programs reflect this wisdom into everything I offer here just for you as an individual.

Then I created this 5 step program to support you to take your own journey into transformation in order to have more peace, harmony and become your own champion.