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Where you can find your Transformational life coaching packages and courses.

My focus with my coaching programs and courses are all about serving you as the customer and my client. Here I create material that will enhance your life to create the life of your dreams. you can have more peace, harmony and balance in your life and become your own champion.

Becoming your own champion VIP coaching program
Do you desire the life of your dreams by transforming? You are in the right spot. I will develop a coaching package to suit your unique needs with a 5 step process.

Using Art To Heal Course

Art can heal your life!

Art is another modality that can heal your life. In this course I will discuss how it can support you to heal and move forward in your life like a champion.

What Every Kidey Patient wants to know and how can the support team better help you

Things are kidney patient wants to know. Knowledge is power. In this course i will discuss the ABCs of kidneys, dialysis, transplants and how your support system can support you better.